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What we did: We were proud to work with Vinci Facilities – part of the world-leading construction firm VINCI – to deliver a project of remodelling and upgrading social housing units in Cardiff. This hugely rewarding, yet challenging project, saw IFS take over as ‘step in contractor’ meaning we had to complete the works – whilst also addressing the incumbent’s defects. IN BRIEF: Client: Vinci Facilities Location: Cardiff, South West Wales What we did: excavation of gardens and footpaths, new foundations, construction of brick boundary walls and bin stores, concrete washing line slabs, together with laying new flagged pathways and extensive areas of 1.8m high hit and miss fencing. Materials storage on site was severely restricted and together with security issues ‘Just in Time’ supplier deliveries were critical to the progress of the project

What the client says: “As a step-In contractor IFS dealt quickly and efficiently with the issues on the site and totally turned the contract around. It is a company that delivers on its promises; I look forward to continuing my working relationship with them.” Gareth Cull, Vinci Facilities

“Stepping into a project where another contractor had created complexities was always going to be a challenge,” says our director Rob Williams. “But on this project there were extra difficulties as residents remained in occupation throughout.”

IFS was appointed halfway through the works on this Cardiff housing estate; there was an exasperated client who had been let down by their incumbent contractor – as well as a group of frustrated residents – each of whom just wanted their refurbishment works complete. Thankfully, our appetite for a challenge – not to mention our skill set – meant we turned the project around. “We worked closely with the client ensuring that all works were carried out safely, with residents considered in everything we did.” Rob continued. “We soon earned the trust of everyone around us; we understood how emotive this was and went above and beyond to ensure everyone was satisfied with the outcome.”