Connected Services

IFS are breaking new ground with the launch of our ‘Connected Services’ offering.  Connected Services has been created and developed, following intensive research of the traditional Managing Agent, Total Facility Management and Facilities Management models.

Due to numerous and well publicised TFM and FM corporate failures together with dissatisfied customer organisations considering in-sourcing models IFS believe that the innovative approach of our ‘Connected Services’ proposition will herald in a new and improved service offering across the Commercial, Industrial, Tech, Health and Education sectors.

IFS’s innovative proposition takes the best from each of the traditional delivery models above and adds a more transparent, partnership, non-conflicting and impartial approach providing our clients high value services strongly linked to value for money together with excellent returns on investment.

Experience working with Connected Services

All of our directors have experience of dealing with Connected Services agencies and as part of our director led approach, we will work hand in hand with you to help identify areas you can save budget on normally energy efficiencies and utilities management.

Highly Experienced Team

The co-founders of the IFS business are highly experienced in the delivery of Facilities Services operating at the most senior levels within the industry.  

We understand, because we have witnessed them at first hand, the challenges around the traditional models and the issues that arise through unbalanced partnerships between the client organisation and the Managing Agent, TFM and FM providers. Issues that manifest themselves as barriers to success.

The Connected Services model removes those barriers of success.  Indeed, the model encourages openness and transparency.

‘Connected Services’ a new service delivery model taking the best and discarding the worst of the traditional Managing Agent/TFM and FM propositions.  

Our Deliverables

  • Trust – is there a genuine belief that client and provider are working as one for a common objective?
  • Efficacy – Accountability and visibility of all financial transactions.
  • Cost – True transparency of expenditure/fees/life cycle costs and efficient investment.
  • Value for money – clearly delineated benchmarking against historical and market data.
  • Return on Investment – measurable and tangible increase in efficiencies of cost and service performance management.
  • Measurable increases in service delivery and end-user perception and engagement – Improved working relationships and enhanced staff/end user engagement. Improved collaboration with current supply chain providers. Maintaining high visibility within the client organisation on a day to day basis.

Examples of the areas of services we supply







Meeting Rooms

Waiting Areas


Air Conditioning



Our experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements, and walk you through the process. 

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