Wednesday 7th September will see the first area of scaffold erected on the project; this will be to the Carruthers Street side of the building.

This scaffold will initially be used as access for inspections with the consultants to determine the current state of the building before then being used for the remedial cladding works.

The installation of the scaffold involves fixing support ties back into the building structure. This is done with concrete anchors fixed into the concrete floors at each level of the building, unfortunately, this will create significant noise and vibration but will be for short durations and kept to a minimum wherever possible. Once scaffold is installed, there will be no further need for any concrete drilling on this elevation.

Privacy film will not be initially installed for the inspections as we wait until actual works commence in order to keep the time that film is on the windows to a minimum.

Notices with further info will be visible outside of the lifts and apartments directly affected will also recieve additional information but, if you do have any questions or concerns about this work, please feel free to contact the Intelligent FS project manager on site or submit a question via the page in this website.