How long is the project expected to take?

The project is expected to take around 30 weeks.

Will I be able to access my property as normal?

You will be able to access your property at all times during the project. However, there will be times when access to your balcony will be restricted.


Will it affect my parking or access to the car park?

There will be a number of parking spaces that we will need to occupy for the duration of the project, we will be n touch if your space is required. Whilst we aim to create as little disruption to the access and parking as possible there may at times when we need to close access for safety purposes. However, we will give as much notice as possible whenever this is the case.

How loud will the noise on-site be?

There may be some noise, but this will be kept to a minimum and be during the hours of 08:30am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday

If I have a problem who should I talk to?

A member of the Intelligent FS management team will be on-site every day during the project. They will be available to speak to and answer any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can use the ‘submit a question’ page on the website. In addition to both of these things, there will be regular resident liaison meetings.


Who is undertaking the work?

The work is being undertaken by Intelligent FS Ltd. You can learn more about the company or get in touch by visiting: www.intelligent-fs.com

How long will work be going on outside of my apartment

Whilst the overall project will take 30 weeks, works on each area will be less than this. Disruption to the majority of apartments should not last any longer than 10 weeks.

Can work personnel see through my window?

When work commences on your stage, you have the opportunity for the work personnel to install privacy screens on your window offering opaque protection.

Is the new insulation being fitted the same standard or an upgrade to the original insulation?

The new insulation installed will match the performance of the existing insulation. Insulation thicknesses have been calculated to ensure that the thickness of the new product is sufficient to match the U-Value currently being provided as to not compromise the thermal performance of the building.

Will the remediation work improve the EPC of the building?

The EPC rating will remain the same. The new insulation will match the performance levels of what is currently installed.

Will scaffolding be covered to make it more secure against anyone jumping and entering the apartments?

The scaffold will be covered with a debris netting. This will deter the public from climbing into the scaffold and prevent materials falling off whilst also allowing light through to the apartments.