As you will have noticed, works are progressing in a number of areas both within the courtyard and on Radford Street. This updated is aimed at giving a summary of this progress and provide an update of the works that we have planned over the coming weeks.

There are currently seven areas being worked on within the courtyard that are all at a similar stage. The new insulation system has been installed and brickwork is almost complete, the next steps will be to completing the pointing before a final clean down is carried out and the elevation signed off as complete by the end of October. The next stage of work in these areas will then be to replace the high-level silver metal cladding panels which will be commencing over the coming weeks.

Works to Dallas Street are about 70% complete with the work above the car park entrance outstanding. This will be carried out following the completion of the courtyard brickwork and will require the entrance to the car park to be closed off for a short time. This will be advised to residents once a date is confirmed.

The corner of the building at Radford St and Stockwell gate has had scaffold erected and surveys complete, with works due to start in around two weeks. Works will start from the top down with the existing brickwork and insulation being removed over a two-week period before the new system it then installed from the bottom up.

As we continue to progress with works, we again thank you for your cooperation and patience. Should you have any questions or queries, feel free to send a message through the contact page on the website. Alternatively, we have a resident liaison meeting once per month which is free for residents to attend, the next one is planned for 19th October.