At the Milliners wharf AGM this year, Intelligent FS will be present to both give an introduction to the company and project team as well as talk through in detail the works that will be carried out over the next year. 

Company co-owner, Rob Williams will be on hand to give a little background on who exactly Intelligent FS is and the journey we have been on to date. 

Project Manager, Adam Prescott will then speak about the way the project has been planned out and how it will progress over the coming months. Advising on how works will affect residents and how that will be managed.

Corporate & Compliance Director Richard Shine, and Resident Liaison Officer Michelle Lynch will talk through how we will manage the relationship between the project and the building residents in order to ensure that we have clear, open lines of communication so that we can notify well in advance of any disruption and also effectively deal with any issues/concerns that may arise.