As all work on site has finished for 2023 and will be returning on 2nd January 2024. To close out the year, we would like to give an update on the entire project and give an update of what to expect in the new year.

We have made very good progress this year and should have all cladding works complete by mid-March. up. We will then remain on site for a short period to decant and clean.

As always, the updates will be based on the plan below.




Position 1 – All works complete.

Position 2 – All works complete.

Position 3 – All works complete.

Position 4 – All works complete.

Position 5 – All works complete.

Position 6 – All works complete.

Position 7 – All works complete.

Position 8 – All works complete, and mast climber removed. We need to make good the terrace and are just waiting for the correct materials that have been hard to source.

Position 8a – All works complete and mast climber 90% dismantled. Dismantle will be complete when we return after the break and scaffold removed from core 3 entrance.

Position 9 – All works to balcony decking completed and cladding commenced at L8. The cladding in this area will be the last works to be completed and will run until mid-March.

Position 10 – All cladding work is complete and balcony decking has been completed from L6 – L8. The decking will be complete by mid-Jan and then the mast climber will be removed.

Position 11 – Cladding work has been complete from L4 – L8 and should be complete by mid-Jan. Decking works will then commence and take 2 weeks to complete.

Position 12 – All works complete. We still need to make good the terrace areas here and will do so as soon as we have the materials. The products have been difficult to source and have a long lead tome but, as soon as we have them, the work will be completed.

Position 13 – Mast climber complete and ready for work to commence in the new year. Works to L1 will be completed first, before then going up to L8 and working down. We anticipate this area to take around 6-8 weeks.

In addition to the cladding works, there are also further fire protection works to be carried out in the car park which we aim to commence in mid-January. This will unfortunately mean that areas will need to be cleared for around a day at a time. If your parking space is affected by this, you will be contacted to confirm he details.

As we reflect on the year that has passed, we must give thanks to everyone that has helped and co-operated over the year. We appreciate that a lot of disruption is caused by the work, but we have made great progress and the end is in sight.

From everyone at Intelligent FS, have a great new year, we will see you again in 2024.