Meeting/Project Name: Milliners Wharf Resident Liaison Meeting

Date of Meeting: 10/12/2024        Time: 11:00

Minutes Prepared By: Adam Prescott

Location: Site Meeting Room


Attendance at Meeting

Colin Halligan (CH) – Intelligent-FS


  1. Introductions



  1. Project Update

2.1 –     Overall, the project is around 90% complete with 4 mast climbers currently active. All areas without a mast climber in place, are now complete. Below is a more detailed breakdown of each area.

2.2 – Position 1 – All work completed in this area.

2.3 – Position 2 – All work completed in this area

2.4 – Position 3 – All work completed in this area.

2.5 – Position 4 – All work completed in this area.

2.6 – Position 5 – All work completed in this area.

2.7 – Position 6 – All work completed in this area.

2.8 – Position 7 – All work completed in this area.

2.9 – Position 8 – All work completed in this area.

2.10 – Position 9 – All balcony decking on this mast climber complete. Cladding works are currently at L8.

2.11 – Position 10 – All cladding work complete in this area and decking placement carried out down to L4. We have a delivery of additional materials due on 22/01 which will allow us to complete the remaining balconies.

2.12 – Position 11 – Cladding works currently down at L2 and due to be complete this week.

2.13 – Position 12 – All work completed to this area.

2.14 – Position 13 – Mast climber in place and cladding works due to start at L8 from 22/01.


  1. Project Lookahead – the following works are what is intended to be carried out in the period until the next meeting.

3.1 – Position 9 – Cladding works to continue down the building, planned completion date will be mid-March.                                                                                                 

3.2 – Position 10 – Balcony decking replacement will be complete by 02/02. Mast climber removal will follow.                 

3.3 – Position 11 – Cladding works complete by 19/01. Decking replacement will then take place 05/02 – 16/02.                                                                                                  

3.4 – Position 13 – Cladding work will progress down from L8 and take around 1 week per level.

3.5 – Other small works will be completed around the building at L1 as we begin completing the defecting process and close out any outstanding items.

3.6 – Car Park – From 15/01 we will be once again commencing works to the car park and will continue with the removal of the existing soffit. For this work to be complete, we will need to relocate some car parking spaces on a day-to-day basis, but Redpath Bruce will be in touch to notify you when your space is required. These works will run from 15/01 – 09/02.


  1. Compliments and Complaints

4.1 – We have had a complaint regarding screws being found in the car park. To address this, we have changed the methodology of how we get waste materials from the mast climber to the skip as well as carrying out regular checks. We have also ordered a piece of equipment that uses a magnet to pick up any metal debris found on the floor.


  1. Resident Queries

5.1 – A couple of residents have raised concerns about what seems to be an increased amount of condensation building up on windows in the past few months. This issue is currently being investigated and an update will be given once it has been looked into further.


  1. Any Other Business

6.1 – None


  1. Next Meeting (if applicable)

Date: -07/02/2024             Time: 11:00            Location: Site Office