Meeting/Project Name: Milliners Wharf Resident Liaison Meeting

Date of Meeting: 08/11/2023        Time: 11:00

Minutes Prepared By: Colin Halligan

Location: Site Meeting Room


Attendance at Meeting

Colin Halligan (CH) – Intelligent-FS

Charlotte Edgar (CE) – Intelligent-FS


  1. Introductions



  1. Project Update

2.1 – Overall, the project is around 65% complete with 7 mast climbers currently active, below is a more detailed breakdown of each area. All cladding and balcony works to the canal side elevation are now complete with works focussed on the car park side.

The project is currently on track to have all cladding and balcony works complete by late Feb/early March with the removal of mast climbers and the site set up to follow.

2.2 – Position 1 – All works now complete to this area.

2.3 – Position 2 – All works now complete to this area; mast climber currently being dismantled.

2.4 – Position 3 – All works complete to this area.

2.5 – Position 4 – All works complete to this area.

2.6 – Position 5 – Mast climber currently being dismantled, works to level 1 GRC still to be commenced from MEWP.

2.7 – Position 6 – All works complete from L2-L8. L1 works have just commenced this week.

2.8 – Position 7 – All works to this area complete.

2.9 – Position 8 – works to zinc cladding is complete, decking replacement due to be completed by 10/11/2023.

2.10 – Position 9 – Mast climber currently being installed, works should commence 13/10/2023.

2.11 – Position 10 – Works to L4 to be complete before moving down to level 3.

2.12 – Position 11 – Works to L8 now complete and L7 just getting underway this week. 2.13 – Position 12 – All work to this area has been complete and the mast climber has been removed. Terrace gardens to be made good and handed back.

2.14 – Position 13 – Work in this area will be the last works on site to commence as the site welfare compound will need to be removed.


  1. Project Lookahead – the following works are what is intended to be carried out in the period until the next meeting.

3.1 – Position 2 – All works are likely to be complete by the next Resident Liaison Meeting

3.2 – Position 5 – Works to level 1 GRC to commence once mast climber is removed.

3.3 – Position 6 – Level 1 works will take approximately 4 weeks to undertake. All works in this area will then be complete.

3.4 – Position 8/8a – Works on balconies will be completed by the end of next week with GRC works to follow on.                                                                                                

3.5 – Position 10 – L7 will be complete in the next couple of weeks with L6 to follow.                         

3.6 – Position 11 – Works to continue to levels 7 and 6.                                                                                                  

3.8 – Position 12 – Once the mast climber has been removed, remedial and clean up works will take place. Once complete, scaffold access will be removed.


  1. Compliments and Complaints

4.1 – A complaint was raised about the standard of housekeeping and the lack of respect for garden furniture/fencing in plot 97 as some items have been damaged during mast climber installation.


  1. Resident Queries

5.1 – Query was raised about the noise produced by the warning buzzer of the mast climbers. The warning buzzer is in place to alert people in the area that the mast climber is in motion and is a safety feature that can not be turned off. Whilst the volume on different mast climbers may differ, the volume is not adjustable. We apologies for the disturbance that this causes but we are unable to do anything to make this quieter.

5.2 – Residents have asked about the installation of privacy film. This has been left odd windows unless requested by residents. If you would like privacy film installed on your windows, please just let a member of the team know.


  1. Any Other Business

6.1 – None


  1. Next Meeting (if applicable)

Date: 12/12/2023              Time: 11:00            Location: Site Meeting Room