Due to the number of comments and queries that we have received lately regarding the lack of progress on the project, we thought it would be best to issue a further update as to the current status of the cladding remedial works.

Due to the building being a live building and fully occupied, the level of investigation work that could be carried out on the building prior to works starting was somewhat limited. Therefore, once the Carruthers Street scaffold installation commenced, more intrusive surveys were able to be undertaken. As a result, it was discovered that a number of the ‘as built’ details were not as we anticipated.

This means that some of the designs have needed to be reviewed and updated by the projects specialist designers in order to match what we have on site. Given the sensitive nature of fire safety works, and the need for what we build to be 100% compliant with the design, we are unable to progress further until these designs have been finalised.

Although we don’t have an exact date of when the designs will be back with us, we are anticipating that we will have them in the next few weeks. Once the designs have been assessed and the forward work sequence planned out, we will be sure to provide a further update and notify residents that will be affected by the next stage of works.

As always, your patience and cooperation is much appreciated.