For any residents that couldn’t attend the last resident liaison meeting, below are the minutes taken from the meeting. The minutes are quite limited as no residents were able to attend but hopefully we can get more people attending the future meetings and expand on the discussions.

For anyone unable to attend, questions can be submitted via the website for discussion and responses will be posted here following the meeting.

The next meeting is planned for 13th September at 11am.


Meeting/Project Name: Milliners Wharf Resident Liaison Meeting

Date of Meeting: 09/08/2023        Time: 11:00

Minutes Prepared By: Adam Prescott

Location: Site Meeting Room


Attendance at Meeting

Adam Prescott (AP) – Intelligent-FS

Colin Halligan (CH) – Intelligent-FS

Charlotte Edgar (CE) – Intelligent-FS

Issac Hardisty (IH) – PMP


1. Introductions

1.1 – Charlotte Edgar is your new resident liaison officer. Charlotte will now be based on site every Wednesday going forward so any questions can be asked in person if preferr

1.2 – Colin Halligan as joined as a new site manager to assist with day to day running of the project


2. Project Update

2.1 – Project is about 45% complete with 4 of 14 mast climbers 100% complete and 5 of the remaining 10 in progress.

2.2 – L1 GRC (white cladding) is approximately 60% complete.


3. Project Lookahead

3.1 – New mast climbers will be installed (8 & 8a) and Position 12 will be relocated to position 11.

3.2 – Balcony decking replacement will commence on 29/08 in position 12. The affected residents will be notified of exact dates closer to the time.

3.3 – The design and specification for the car park is currently being confirmed, at start date for this work is still TBC.


4. Compliments and Complaints

4.1 – One resident had a paving flag damaged during balcony works. A replacement is currently being sourced.

4.2 – One resident submitted a complaint via the website regarding an allergic reaction that had happened since work started outside of their apartment. This is currently being investigated.


5. Resident Queries

5.1 – A resident queried when works to their balcony would be starting as they would like to put their dog into kennels for the day. This has been advised and works now complete.


6. Any Other Business



7. Next Meeting (if applicable)

Date: 13/09/2023              Time: 11:00            Location: Site Meeting Room