As well as the cladding remediation project, there are a number of other smaller works that Intelligent FS will be undertaking whilst onsite at Milliners Wharf. One of these smaller work areas will be investigations into the roof and, in particular, trying to find the source of numerous leaks.

The first of these investigations is set to take place next week (weather dependant) on 19th & 20th December on the section of roof above Core 1.

The roof is made up of a waterproof membrane laid onto a concrete slab, then covered with a layer of insulation and stone ballast. Sections of the insulation and ballast will be removed in order to expose the waterproof membrane, which will allow it to be inspected for damage. There are also a couple of areas that we already know need repairs as they have resulted in leaks in the past. These areas will be repaired and then the insulation and ballast replaced.

The disruption caused by these works will be kept to a minimum as all works are being carried out on the roof. However, there will the vans on site to unload tools and roofers using the lifts to access the area. Other than this, there shouldn’t be any other disruption, there may slight noise if your apartment is on the 8th floor but we expect this to be minimal.

If the weather doesn’t allow these works to be completed on the planned dates, we have the dates below as a back up;

  • 20th & 21st Dec
  • 4th & 5th Jan
  • Any day week commencing 9th Jan


UPDATE: Due to the wet weather forecast at the end of December, these works will now take place on 10th & 11th January.