Fire Risk Services

Introduction to External Wall Report

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, effective from January 2023, requires
responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings to provide their local fire and rescue
service with information about the external walls’ design and materials, including any
material changes made to them. The regulation also requires responsible persons to provide
information about the level of risk of spread of fire posed by the external wall structure and
the steps taken to mitigate those risks. This is known as an External Wall Report.

The responsible person is defined as the building owner or any other person in control of
the premises who is responsible for the safety of themselves and others who use a
regulated premises. If the responsible person doesn’t have all the required information,
they must take steps to obtain it and provide this information to their local fire and rescue

The required information must be presented in a clear and standard format and existing
FRA, EWS1 survey or FRAEW cannot be used instead of an External Wall Report.

What it covers

It is possible as the Responsible Person to complete an External Wall Report yourself. However, it is highly recommended that a qualified and competent fire safety consultant be engaged.


We will review and assess your existing fire safety documentation and establish if there is sufficient information to compile your External Wall Report.

If necessary, we will advise you on what additional assessments are required to gather any missing information to compile your report.


Once we have all the required information, we will complete your External Wall Report which you can then send to your local Fire & Rescue Service.

Introduction to PAS9980 – Fire Risk Appraisal of
External Wall Construction

PAS9980 is the pre-cursor to your Cladding Remediation project, or it should be!

The fire risk from external wall construction and cladding in particular, is predominantly affected by Fire performance, Facade configuration and Fire strategy and Fire hazards.

The purpose of a fire risk appraisal of external walls (FRAEW) is to assess the risk to occupants from a fire spreading over or within the external walls of the building, and to make a decision as to whether, in the specific circumstances of the building, remediation or other mitigation measures to address the risk are considered necessary.

However, undertaking the complex journey of engaging the various parties to not only conduct your FRAEW, but also complete remedial works if required, is significant; particularly when the regulations governing these works are still being fully implemented.

What it covers


We will provide a site inspection and scope of works in line with PAS9980, delivering a fire risk appraisal of external walls (FRAEW). This will require an invasive survey to be undertaken which has been detailed further here.

In the event that the FRAEW identifies issues with fire safety, Intelligent FS offers a range of additional services which follow on from the initial FRAEW undertaken.

Building Design

We will provide all design services including updates to all drawings in line with most recent building regulations. These will be provided in a digital format inline with the Golden Thread of Information requirements.

Cost Consultancy

In order to ensure the efficacy of the project is retained, we engage an independent and impartial cost management consultant to specifically deliver comprehensive and evidenced cost management services in line with your requirements.

Clerk of Works

We also ensure that the construction project is overseen by a clerk of works, engaged on behalf of you the client. They ensure quality control, compliance and of course cost control; certifying all costs are benchmarked in line with BSF principles.

Principal Contractor

Intelligent FS are specialists in fire safety remediation, construction project management and health & safety, environmental and quality management. You can read more about these services here, however our approach is to work very closely with the client through every phase of the project, with an emphasis on Quality of Service, Communication, Flexibility and of course Health, Safety (especially fire safety) at the core of our deliverables.