Midway through our fourth week back on site, we are starting to build up momentum with the number of operatives increasing weekly. We currently have 3 live work areas on the 2 mast climbers along the canalside and the Carruthers St elevation.

In these areas, we have started working from the top of the building installing the cavity barriers to the internal cavity void before replacing the external boards, this will allow us to then install external cavity barriers and new insulation to these areas. Following this, cladding can be replaced and works can move down the building.

We have already had inspections from Building Control to approve the work that we are doing and these have been successful, this gives confidence that the work being carried out is to the highest standard and will continue to make the building safe. The next scheduled inspection is on Wednesday next week.

On Monday next week (13th Feb) we will have the mast climber being installed to the far end of the car park and works will then start to progress in this area also. The following week (20th Feb) will see an additional mast climber installed to the canal elevation which will also us to work in 5 areas at once and put us in a good position to push the project forward. You will notice that the parking spaces in this area have now been fenced off, this is for both site security and for the protection of Milliners Wharf and Hatbox residents. When accessing the Core 3 bin store, please use the entrance within the car park.

As the project progresses, we will continue to have deliveries that will be unloaded on Munday St and taken into site. This is a tight area but has been working for us so far so we thank you for your patience with this when we have to block of parts of the road.

As always, please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or concerns.