The past few weeks on site have seen an increase in the number of operatives as well as an increase in the pace of the work being carried out. Last week we have had 25 people on site and this has helped to keep up the momentum and push works forward. Below is a brief update on where we are at with each phase of the project.

  • On the car park elevation, we have one mast climber which has just commenced work on the level 2 zinc cladding. This is the final level of zinc cladding before we start works on the white GRC cladding that covers level 1 and the ground floor. Once the zinc cladding is complete, we will begin the process of dismantling the mast climber, the target date for this is 17th May and should take around 2-3 days. Once dismantled the mast climber will be re-located to the area above the Core 3 entrance.
  • We have two mast climbers on the canal side of the building, one towards the middle and one next to the canal bridge. The mast climber closest to the canal bridge is currently at level 3 and will be moving down to level 2 at the end of this week, the dismantle date for this mast climber is planned for 26th May. Once dismantled, this mast climber will be re-located next to where it currently is, in the space between the two mast climbers that are currently installed. The second mast climber that is in the middle of this elevation is almost complete on level 3 and will be moving to level 2 this week. The dismantle here will take place on 19th May, it will take around 2-3 days and then this mast climber will be re-located to the area above the entrance of Core 3. There will also be a scaffold erected to protect residents using the entrance from the works taking place above, this will commence on 3rd May.
  • On the Carruthers St scaffold, we are working on level 1 and level 2 and have removed scaffold all the way down to level 3. In the next couple of weeks, the scaffold will be down to level 1 and then removed completely in early June.

We have also been carrying out works to the level 1 area below the winter gardens and in front of where our site office is located. The works to the level 1 white GRC cladding has now move to the canal side elevation and will continue from where the contractors are currently working along the building towards the bridge.

The other area that has progressed over the past few weeks is in the car park. We have removed the soffit along the road way throughout the car park. This has exposed the concrete slab above and allows a survey of the pipework to be carried out and any leaks fixed.

As we head into a few long weekends, we also head into what is going to be a very busy period on site. We have a number of mast climbers being dismantled and relocated, new mast climbers coming to site and scaffold being removed.

On 3rd May, we will have an additional mast climber installed on the canal side at the end of the building towards the winter gardens. We will then have a team of installers start on this area at level 8 and work their way down as they have in the other areas. We are hoping to complete each floor in around 1.5 weeks.

We will also have scaffold being installed on 2nd May around the concierge office. The scaffold will act as overhead protection when we install the mast climber to this area. This mast climber will span from where the triangle balconies are, across to the Core 1 bin store. The mast climber will be installed the following week.

As you can see from above, we have had a busy few weeks and have an even busier few weeks coming up. We appreciate that the work we are doing is causing inconvenience and disturbance to all residents but your cooperation and assistance is appreciated, as always.

As a continuation of our commitment to helping solve the cladding crisis and making Britain’s buildings safer, we have launched our own podcast called ‘Cladding Matters’ where we speak with industry experts on all aspects that the industry is facing. Find the podcast by searching ‘Cladding Matters’ on your favourite podcast apps or simply follow the link below