In the pre-Christmas update back in December, we mentioned that we would be aiming to re-commence work in mid-January. This is now confirmed to be as of this Monday (16th Jan) when we will install the access requirements to Phase 2 and work on the scaffold on the Carruthers St elevation.


It will be a busy few weeks as we prepare to get the project moving again with as much momentum as possible. However, due to the additional works discovered late last year and the new details added to the design, it does mean that the methodology of the work has had to change.

The main changes are

  1. That expect that the time spent in each phase/location to increase from the original 6 weeks to 10 weeks as we allow for the more extensive remedials to be carried out. However, this will be confirmed next week once we carry out a sample area.

On top of these 10 weeks, we have allowed for one week to install the mast climber platforms before work begins and another week to remove them once work is complete. Therefore leaving a total of 12 weeks working in each area.


  1. The methodology has had to change to accommodate the additional works which means that the cladding and insulation removed each day will no longer be able to be re-installed within the same day as originally planned. This will instead be removed at the start of the week and re-installed by the end of the week in each particular work area.

This is as the walls need to be opened up more than in the original designs and the new details mean that we now need to open up bigger areas which will take more time to complete. We have also made some changes to the phasing plan to help speed up the project, the new phasing plan is shown above.


To help residents understand the work being undertaken, below is a step-by-step process of how work in each area will be carried out

  1. The first step will be to split the phase into manageable bays that can be completed within the week. Based on the fact that each phase will take 10 weeks, this will mean that we will split the phase into 10 bays.
  2. Once the bays have been determined, we will set up a temporary weather proofing system in each area that will allow us to quickly protect the building once the cladding has been removed. This will be used to protect the internal areas of the building, should it start to rain at any point during the day when the building is exposed.
  3. We will then be ready to begin removing the insulation and cladding from each area to expose the cement board that creates the external wall face. All joints, holes and fixing points in these board will then be sealed to protect the internal areas from the elements and ensure that no water is able make its way into the building.
  4. The internal aspect of the works can then commence. This will begin my cutting strips out of the external cement board at certain locations to allow access to install the cavity fire barriers within the wall cavity. Once installed, the boards will be replaced and the joints sealed to again ensure the integrity of the building is maintained. The areas where cavity barriers need to be installed are along the edge of each concrete floor, around window and door openings and along partition walls that separate apartments.
  5. The first step towards re-installing the cladding can the begin as we install new extensions brackets that support the cladding followed by the new insulation and external cavity fire barriers.
  6. Once all of the above steps have been completed and necessary inspections passed, the cladding can then be re-installed.

This process will take one week and will be repeated until each phase is complete. We are planning to be working in four areas at any one time with the mast climbers being removed and relocated once each please is complete.

For example, we will initially be working on Phases 1-4 for the first few months. Once Phase 1 is complete, the mast climber will be removed and re-erected at Phase 5, Phase 2 will be relocated to Phase 6, Phase 3 to Phase 7 and so on for the remainder of the project. Once the sample area has been completed, we will be able to give approximate dates for when we will be working on each phase.


Access to Phase 1 is already in place, Phase 2 will be installed from 16th Jan, Phase 3 from 23rd Jan and Phase 4 from 30th Jan. The remaining phases will then follow on as outlined above.

We very much appreciate that there is a lot of info above so feel free to ask any questions that you may have via the “Get In Touch” page. As always the Intelligent-FS team are very grateful for your ongoing understanding and cooperation.