Longer Covid site working hours extended

Due to the ongoing pandemic, rules allowing longer working hours on construction sites have been extended until at least the end of September.

This means that sites will be able to stay open until 9PM in order to allow shifts to be staggered, causing a decrease in traffic and public transport use at busy times of day.

Housing secretary Robert Jenrick said: “As England moves towards step two of the Covid-19 response roadmap out of lockdown the Government wants to ensure that planning measures are in place to support businesses to operate safely and drive the economic recovery.

“Firstly, the Government recognises that the construction industry will need to continue to operate in a safe and productive way.

“Temporary extensions to working hours were introduced over the last year on some sites to facilitate safer working and allow tasks to be completed where social distancing can be challenging.

“These changes have also helped to protect and support jobs in the construction industry and reduced pressures on public transport at peak hours throughout the pandemic.

“The approach set out in my previous statement to the House of 13 May 2020, about construction working hours due to Covid-19, will remain in place until 30 September 2021.

“This continued flexibility is necessary due to the continued impact of Covid-19 and to support the construction industry to recover and operate safely as we emerge from the pandemic. This date will be kept under review.”

Source: Construction Enquirer